How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

To show the world how much potential you have as a writer and how good of a blog writer you are, it is essential to keep on writing and know the correct methods of driving traffic to your blog post so that the audience is direct to your content. Take Twitter as your promotion platform as it has millions of people active and a large audience who can connect to your writing. Although simply tweeting about your blog details and title will not drive traffic, Twitter for marketing also has different techniques. Get more Twitter followers with Twenvy!

Short but creative posts

It would be best to make sure that your tweets are small but creative enough to engage the audience. People do not like to read through long-written tweets but enjoy a shorter tweet giving more information. Statistics show that shorter tweets get a 21% more interaction rate. You do not need to stick with your article/blog title, but you can tweet something intriguing that will make people wonder what your blog is.  Twenvy gets Twitter followers so that you can use it for your growth.

# Hashtags

The use of hashtags is a great way to reach a larger Twitter audience. A hashtag is a two-word or one-word behind a # that is related to your tweet subject. Posts with trending hashtags get famous quickly, and people are more likely to get engaged with them and see such tweets on their timeline. This way, eventually, the number of people engaging with your tweet increases. Your followers and then potential viewers are more likely to meet your blog writing, and you can soon become a famous writer.


It is another intelligent method to drive traffic to your tweet and then to your blog. If someone retweets your tweet, you should get retweet so that the audience it reaches increases, and its online presence can be of a longer time duration that may go through the wall of your blog post’s potential viewers. It is seen posts that ask for a retweet from their followers get more shares than those who do not ask their audience to retweet.

Engaging content post

Make sure you post content with graphics, images, or animations with which people are most likely to engage. Do not try to write irrelevant information as it will impact your image negatively, and the audience will most likely ignore you. Work on making your content attractive, appealing and creative to increase traffic to your blog post. The more your posts will be engaging, the more people will follow you updated with such content and eventually become your potential readers.

You need to be pro-active, creative, and a good marketing head. Being an excellent writer lets the world know about your excellent writing skills. Use Twitter and other social media platforms to increase traffic to your blog.