Social Media Statistics: Which Platforms Drive Sales?

In the current market, being on social media platforms has a significant impact on your revenue. Before a company buys your products or services, they probably will look you up online. Therefore, effective marketing and advertising strategy must be in place. But before that, we must look at the data; the numbers. Those are what will drive your company and will inform you on which social media platform is best.

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Facebook was the platform that shaped the social media industry. Ever since its launch in 2004, it has grown exponentially to have over 2 billion users worldwide. And we are not simply talking about users who have registered onto the social media site. We are talking about active users who log in several times monthly. This can give you a perspective of the size of the market and how you can get a slice of it.

Analysis by Generation

There are three major types of generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. You probably might have guessed it. Millennials make up the largest percentage of users on all social media platforms. And while they might not have the amount of revenue enjoyed by Baby Boomers and Generation X, they are the future whose needs and preferences must be met in a few years to come.

To be more specific, it is estimated that at least 90% of Millennials are on social media. This is compared against 77% of Generation X and approximately 48% of Baby Boomers.

The use of Influencers

With the masses on social media, attention has turned to users or individuals with large followings. They are being approached by brands and companies to market and possibly gain the approval of a target audience; hence their name influencers. And for good reason. It has been reported that consumers feel way more confident about a product or a good once it is recommended by an influencer. The power of influencers can increase your growth reach on a particular platform. However, an analysis must be done to determine the Influencer’s demographic following.

Instagram and Tiktok have established themselves as the social media site to use when it comes to the use of Influencers.

The use of social media as an advertising platform is a no-brainer. With advancements in technology, increase in efficiency, and penetration of the internet, every company, organization, and service provider should be thinking of how to make a name for themselves on social media.