Top 5 Fonts that will be popular with designers in 2020

Nowadays, almost everything we do on our laptops, mobiles or desktops, requires typing, editing, and content creation. All of the activities that we usually do on these gadgets directly or indirectly trace back to the use of fonts. There are many different fonts available on our devices. Mostly, these fonts are very handy when determining the type of content we want to create because using the right font for the right content is very important since fonts can give a helpful and accurate visual representation. The fonts form a font poster and are used in digital documents, online designs, or advertisements. Since the use of fonts is so widespread and so common, having a thorough knowledge of fonts and font families is very critical, especially in the age of social media.

In 2020, a lot of different fonts were used. However, there were certain that really stood out in terms of uniqueness as well as a visual representation. Here are 5 fonts that have been considerably popular, especially amongst designers in 2020.

Helvetica Now

Perhaps one of the most popular and in-demand fonts of the year 2020 was the new addition to the font families, the Helvetica Now. The Helvetica Now was the first ever redesign of the original font Helvetica and it is considered to be even more classy, readable, and incredibly unique amongst designers who have used it for over a year now. The Helvetica Now is produced from size-specific drawings, along with the same spacing that makes it really easy to comprehend and very visually pleasing as well. It is expected that the use of Helvetica Now might increase even more since these are just early days for the newly redesigned font.


Aeonik is described as a “structural workhorse” font that is crafted, keeping in mind great attention to detail and other mechanical details as well. The font is unique in itself and offers a lot of variety in the sense that the font is available in seven different weights and italics, making it a very versatile font to use.


You probably might have heard of this font family a lot. One of the most popular fonts in this font family is the Comics Sans MS that is widely used by people on Microsoft Word throughout the world. However, there is more to the NewsSans than just that. NewsSans incorporates over 90 styles with different dimensions and weights, making it a very uniquely versatile font option for designers.


Gilroy is a very modern font that incorporates geometry. Gilroy comes with 20 different weights and 10 uprights as well. The light and weights are really common since they can be used free of cost.

DIN Next

The last font that has been very popular in 2020 is the DIN Next. This is the classic typeface that we always root for. This version recently got an upgrade and now has turned itself into a contemporary must use font especially amongst modern-day designers.