Why the Best Medical Website Design Can Still Fail

Are you wondering why your hospital or dispensary is not doing so well online? How good is your medical site design? Are your patients having an easy time when interacting with the website or are they struggling to find basic information?

Your website could have such a wonderful design but still fail to offer you the desired feedback, interaction, and information you need from your patients. Simple information such as poor ranking on search engines, poor user-friendliness, lack of relevant information, poor quality images, and poor structure could lead to a huge failure of your website.

Search engine ranking

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The moment your patients type the name of your website on a search engine such as Google or bing the likelihood of them clicking to your website if it is not showing as the first or second option is minimal. Most people prefer to go with the first option as it is the most recommended.

You need to ensure your patients can find your website within the first few seconds. This can be achieved by posting relevant content, updating your content, and using relevant metadata.


Obviously not all your patients relate to matters of the internet. This means you have to include all your patient’s needs from the young ones to the elderly ones. If a website is friendly, your users find it easy to interact with and can read all the information provided.

This can be achieved by using eye-catching images and partitioning content into smaller paragraphs that can be read in a short time. If you are offering information on medical intake, give smaller chunks that can be read but at the same time relevant to the user.


Imagine yourself looking for the process of stopping nose bleeding. But when you check the internet, you get information on how to stop internal bleeding. The likelihood of you to quiet the site is higher compared to if you found the information you were looking for.

The same applies to your patients. If you provide information relevant to your website, it will be successful and you will get the responses you need at that time. Be specific to what your website is all about.

Clear action

What next after reading the website. Does your intended patient need to book an appointment or consult on something they did not understand? You need to know if you need to have your contact uploaded or have forms that can be filled with a patient’s personal information.

Allow people to reach you out. This will also help with your analytics to know your growth rate and areas you need to improve on.

Quality images

You running a health facility means you need to match high-quality images. For example, you are running a skincare health facility and you need to upload images of a skin infection, you need to be clear on an image that would match the patient’s condition.

You will get a response such as, “Doctor I have a condition such as the one on the website. When can I come in for a check-up?

In conclusion, a good medical site design is important but you also need to consider the above factors for a successful website.